Concert Review: The 1975 Live In Auckland


The 1975 were an insane visual & musical feast! Let me tell you why. . . 

 Fans began lining up for this show on Monday afternoon. By the time it got to Wednesday, the numbers had obviously increased. There was a separate line as the 1st 100 people were wrist-banded and given early entry but honestly, if you camp out, you deserve it. Not only was Wednesday show day, but it was also the day The 1975 were announced as headliners for Laneway Festival! So we will see them again very soon. 


 As the crowds finally got let everyone in, the hordes of, predominantly female fans, ran in to claim their spot. They were slowed down by security but were still quite determined to get in there and claim their spot. The crowd surged to the middle before eventually spreading out. Then the wait began for the show to start. Some of the crowd seemed somewhat overwhelmed already with security straight into hydrating the crowd and checking in on others.  


 But the wait was finally over as the lights went out and No Rome took the stage. He was joined by a 3-piece band, however, I questioned if these guys were even necessary. Though there were 3 of them I almost zoned out that they were even there. I had looked up his music prior to the show as he is quite well-known amongst The 1975 fans due to being label mates and touring together. No Rome seemed to be having a great time which is awesome to see being his first time here. 


 After a little wait, the time came.  The lights went out as ‘The 1975’ intro played out. GO DOWN,  SOFT SOUND. The guys came in strong! The screen lighting up yellow, as well as ‘PEOPLE’ is written across the screen, Matty dives in WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! The crowd screaming the words back. This track has had a love/hate relationship with fans but this crowd loved it. This track & performance really set the energy level for the night. 

 This performance is going to be a bit hard to write about for me I think because I really do love this band. I was a bit bummed to see we didn’t get the full production but I am definitely grateful we got a show on this album cycle because we didn’t on the last. 

 Now as we know, this band has a pretty young fan base so of course exams had to be mentioned. Someone made a point of making a sign which Matty read aloud “Exam week bitches!”. And he let them know that there’s a lot to learn in a show such as design, music etc “Welcome to the church of. . .Matty”. 


They also touched on the big announcement we all got that morning which was THE 1975 WILL BE BACK TO HEADLINE LANEWAY FESTIVAL! Matty let the crowd know they were “sorry they took so long to come back. But to make up for it they are coming back”. Apparently NZ will be the first to experience the new music and set even though their new album isn’t released until February. 

 Joining The 1975  onstage was the incredible John Waugh on saxophone and Jamie Squire on Keyboard & Guitar. But you also couldn’t miss the energetic Jaiy twins! They were the backup dancers during the show and though they were dressed casually, they danced like there was no tomorrow and I loved how Matty would jump in and out of dancing with them. They really made you want to move. If you’ve been to a 1975 show before you will know John or would have seen/heard him. The saxophone adds a whole other element to the music and especially live, it just cuts through you. 


 By looking at the photos and videos that have come out of this show, or this tour in general, you will see the crazy visuals and lighting that accompanied it. It was bold, bright and colourful. There were different visuals throughout for each song and it really just lit up the room and set the tone for each song. A lot of the visuals either indicated the album the song was from or the track itself. I really loved that level of detail. 

 One thing that I thought was VERY important in the show was how they played their track with Greta Thunberg. This track is essentially another take of their intro piece ‘The 1975’. It played out fully with climate-related visuals, not the screen. I loved that they did this because even though it was a good break period for them, it was an important message and lesson for everyone else. 

 The crowd had such fun and positive energy. You really do have to appreciate a show that has so many elements that are done so well. Plus the awesome music to match but I may be a bit biased in that regard. 






Do It Again 

Saint Laurent 

5 Ways 

Ca$h Money 

I Got Stoned In The Valley 



Flowers On My Neck 



THE 1975: 

The 1975 


Give Yourself A Try 


She’s American 

Sincerity is Scary 

It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You) 

Love Me 

I Couldn’t Be More in Love 


Narcissist (Ft. No Rome) 




I like America / America likes me 

Somebody Else 



I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes) 

—— GRETA—— 

Love It If We Made It 



The Sound 

Reviewed by Shelley Te Haara