Concert Review: Mitch James Live In Auckland


Now I’m not surprised if you don’t know who Mitch James is yet but you should because if last night was anything to go by, he’s going to be huge. On a cold Saturday night, swarms of people made their way into The Powerstation. It was a SOLD OUT show, so this was not a small crowd.

Kicking off the night, from the South Island, were Christchurch locals Mako Road. I had never heard of these guys before tonight but I can definitely say I am a fan now. The 4-piece were the perfect opening act for Mitch. Mako Road has a similar sound in the way that it is somewhat chill music you can vibe too. In saying that though, I would say they have a varied sound, which I like. It is more like an indie-pop sound but there’s also a reggae feel to it as well. They gave a good performance and seemed to be enjoying themselves on the stage. A large amount of the crowd had packed in by this point and seemed to be enjoying themselves as much as I was.

But finally came time for the main reason people were here, Mitch James. Firstly I have to touch on the music that played during the break. It definitely was appropriate for the crowd but also the most fun sing-a-long playlist with tracks from the Backstreet Boys and the movie Camp Rock. I have to admit, I did not expect the show we were about to witness. I noticed the platforms for the band and the large screen behind during Mako Road’s performance but I didn’t realise how he would use it. Mitch had a 2-piece band behind him and they were awesome. They had just as much energy as he did and the guitarist coming down off the platform to dominate his solos just added a fun and passionate element to the show. The sound came through really well and I couldn’t fault his vocals. Though he would definitely be matched with the crowd who sang so loudly, it really was incredible. The stage was so well lit for his performance and each visual on the screen accommodated the tracks well whether it was lyrics, him performing or just his name. The setlist (which you can see below) was essentially his most recent self-titled album bar a few tracks, new music and some covers. The first cover I heard him do was 1 of my favourite songs by the band Kodaline ‘All I Want’. Mitch covered the song perfectly and I was surprised to hear so many in the crowd sing it back. He then did a Medley of covers which was so much fun and really was quite the throwback with songs such as ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ by Britney Spears and ‘Ride Wit Me’ by Nelly. Another great element of the medley was that it also gave his band some solo time which really allowed them to shine and show how talented they are. The only other full cover he did was of ‘Someone You Loved’ by Lewis Capaldi who will actually be touring to NZ in January (Mitch for support perhaps?). But the setlist really was the perfect balance and the crowd reflected that as there were so many people singing along and just having the best time.

He has 5 shows left (Tauranga, Dunedin, Wellington & Christchurch) and 3 of those are already sold out! Mitch James live show just seems to get better and better and I really think if you get the chance to see him, you should.


Can’t Help Myself
All The Ways
Lay It On The Line
Move On
It Ain’t Helping
One More
No Fixed Abode
All I Want (Kodaline cover)
Sunday Morning MEDLEY
Stone Cold Sober
Someone You Loved (Lewis Capaldi cover)
Got Today
21 Bright
Blue Skies
Old News

 Reviewed by Shelley Te Haara