Concert Review: George Ezra Live In Auckland

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I knew George Ezra drew a wide demographic but I have to say it was quite the range at Spark Arena last night. There were really young people, mainly female, and a lot of families. Also the odd older person, particularly mums clearly having a night off. Like Lily Allen, this show was in theatre mode. So tonight was a sold-out crowd of around 5,300. But the intimate vibe definitely suited the show.

Only being announced a day or two before, newcomer Paige kicked off the night. Her 4-piece band took the stage and I felt it was a bit of an awkward moment. They were stood there waiting for her to take the stage and when she did there was an awkward silence as she sorted her microphone. But when they finally began playing, all of that disappeared and the got into it. Paige has a great voice and was very spontaneous. She was busting out some spontaneous dance moves and even told the crowd that 1 song was like you’re at your 40-year-old uncle's bbq. Paige even mentioned Billie Eilish and that if you like her you should like the track and go look up her music etc. This was definitely the biggest crowd she has played and I think she’s going to do really well. Keep an eye on her.

The lighting set up for George Ezra was stunning. He also had a subtle floral backdrop. But you didn’t really see just how incredible the lighting was until they kicked off the set. His 6-piece band (keys, drums, guitar, bass, and brass x2) took the stage before he came excitedly running out to take centre stage. The crowd had really packed in at this point like there wasn’t much space and it got quite hot but no one seemed to mind.

As most people may know by now his recent album, Staying at Tamara’s was born out of him staying in an Airbnb while he wrote the new album. George said it really pushed him as rather than being in the comfort of a hotel he was literally living with someone else. But staying with strangers seems to be something he is also somewhat comfortable with as he told another story about travel around Europe for a month and staying in hostels except for one stop where he stayed with 3 Swedish girls and had to endure watching Eurovision. But after purchasing a strangers bottle of rum in a park he had to skip his next stop, Budapest.

George Ezra seems to be like a very down to earth guy and even his band were just jamming and having a great time. I actually loved that he had a full live band. I know most musicians do these days but you could actually hear each instrument. They all seemed like 1 big family and George definitely treated them that way. Some members of the band had solo moments in the show and even took front and centre to jam out with George. I have to admit the guy on keys was my favourite. He just seemed to be having the best time!

It was George Ezra’s “first ever headline show in Auckland” and he was grateful. “Thank you so much!” It was also David’s (the guitarist) last show with them. There’s not much more I can tell you about the show as the only thing that really changed was the lighting but it was an incredible and fun show! His vocals were flawless and the backing vocals of his band harmonised so well I actually couldn’t fault any of it. “Join us for 1 last party! This is Shotgun”.


Don’t Matter Now
Get Away
Pretty Shining People
Listen To The Man
Did You Hear The Rain?
Song 6
Hold My Girl
All My Love
Blame It On Me

Cassy O’


– Reviewed and Photographed by Shelley Te Haara