Concert Review: Anne-Marie Live In Auckland

If you think you know what an Anne-Marie crowd is like, you probably don’t. I expected teens or somewhat 18+ but it was honestly a lot younger. There were events parents there with their kids. It was quite the mix. The crowd slowly drifted into a very intimate, free-flowing, Spark Arena.

Pop locals Openside kicked off the night. Now I know some people are probably thinking if you’ve seen them that’s all you need. But this performance was different. The guys kicked off the set with a 3-way drum intro. I didn’t think the lighting was as effective but it was definitely a strong way to start the performance. As the intro came to an end, lead singer Possum took the stage. Openside recently released a new song ‘Waiting for Love’ which they performed as part of the set. But I particularly wanted to mention this video as they were sporting their new jumpsuits which were first shown in the new video. It has been cool to see them transition from standard clothes to coloured suits to coloured jumpsuits. The group definitely know how to put on a show. They dance around and put out some fun energy so it was a bit of a bummer to see their set come to an abrupt end. But they seemed to brush it off, thank everyone and depart the stage.

Finally, it was that time. 3 band members took the stage (Oli Wiseman – Drums, Ashton Miranda – Keys & vocals and Beanie – Guitar) and got the music going before the beautiful Anne-Marie took the stage. I love that she was dressed in a white long sleeve shirt, a skirt, and sneakers. It was quite a casual look but suited her quite well.

Anne-Marie didn’t have any crazy show features. It was a simple stripped-back-style show. Just a few funky lights, the band and her. You have to admire when an artist can pull this off because she did. Though the sound may have been too loud for how intimate the show was, you still couldn’t fault the music. The band was on point and her vocals were flawless. Anne-Marie was clearly enjoying herself as she was full of laughs and smiles throughout the night.

We were the first night of her tour and usually, those are the learning shows, I don’t really know what could have been done better unless she wants to add to it. She also kept the positive energy flowing by excitedly jumping off stage to greet some fans along the front barrier. I’m surprised there weren’t more people there but I had a great time dancing along with friends and I’m sure the rest of the crowd did.


Bad Girlfriend
Do It Right
Perfect To Me
Trigger Ciao
Can I Get Your Number
Don’t Leave Me Alone


- Reviewed and Photographed by Shelley Te Haara